Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone

November 22, 2023 • creative corner • Views: 488

Have you spent the past few months coming up with Christmas gift ideas only to not have them materialized because nothing quite looks right? Well perhaps this post might serve you with some inspiration for the upcoming holiday season, full of family reunions and friendly gatherings. Delve into the creative pool of out-of-the-box gifts that could make your loved ones pleasantly and unexpectedly surprised.

Natural Speaker for the Minimalism Lover

The most stylish contemporary design gift is one that is simple, aesthetically pleasing and functional, like this speaker. Nothing integrates all these qualities better than the oak Sono Ambra Speaker made for smartphones. Play your favorite music naturally amplified – no cables, no plugs, no electricity needed.

Customizable Scoreboard for the Creative One

This customisable Scoreboard is the perfect gift to one that appreciates design and enjoys the liberty of making the item their own. With countless possibilities, the Scoreboard is the perfect coat hanger for the modern home. The Scoreboard was designed to give a graphical feel and is a unique way to both store and showcase your favourite items.

Glasses for the Drinking Culture Appreciator

Lyngby Glas Moscow Mule Glass, Set of 2

These glasses would bring happiness to those who enjoy a Moscow Mule served right. The beautiful mug with handle and copper-coated, hammered exterior is the classic and characteristic mug for the popular cocktail moscow mule, which has made a modern comeback.

Yoga Mat for the Tree Hugger

Nordal Cork Yoga Mat

Finally, this practical mat is ideal for those that are in the trend of taking care of their mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. This practical yoga-, pilates, or exercise matt is made of light material in 100% natural rubber and cork providing the optimal anti-slip grip. Being consciously sourced and made from eco-friendly material, it not only performs its function excellently, but ticks the boxes of being environmentally friendly and sustainable, making the treehugger within us jump with excitement!

Hammock for the BoHo Living Fan

OK Design Ama Hammock

As for the ones that like to take it chilled, this gorgeous hammock would definitely fit the purpose. Ama is a woven hammock with hundreds of strings providing the best comfort. Ama can be a light and floating element in the living room as well as a decorative object on the wall when not in use. Hang it wherever fits you and unwind and feel the essence of BoHo living.

Let your inspiration run loose and find a thoughtful gift suitable for each and everyone of who you care about and make them feel special!

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