Arne Jacobsen Clocks: 3 Tips to pick the one

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In the modern world, there are an abundant number of ways to check the time, whether it is on our cell phones, PCs or all sorts of electronic devices at home, at work, and on the road. But from time to time, we all need to distance ourselves from all the hissing and buzzing and have some time off from all the communication. That is when you want to rely on your good old wall clock. From the many designs suitable for a modern home that are available out there, this post might guide you in choosing the right one for you.

Firstly, choose based on simplicity and meaningfulness

Arne Jacobsen Station Wall Clock

When considering which colors or design patterns to go for in your clock, always have your personal preferences in mind. Think of your favourite graphics and the associations that it triggers. Like with any modern design the focus is on simplicity and function. While the functionality part is guaranteed, the design of the clock is of crucial importance as well. Afterall, it has to be something attractive to you individually as you will be glancing over at it rather frequently.

Secondly, choose the room

Arne Jacobsen Roman Wall Clock

Another step is to choose the right room for hanging a wall clock. In which room do you need it the most? Is it the kitchen, the living room, the children’s room? Perhaps the right question would be in which of these rooms do you go without electronic devices for the longest time. Perhaps you prefer to relax in the bedroom and want to turn everything off there? For some, the same would apply to the living room. Take your own individual needs and lifestyle as a starting point!

Lastly, consider the wall and the angles

Arne Jacobsen Bankers Wall Clock

Last, but not least, take your time picking the right wall in the room considering multiple viewing angles and your degree of preferred time-awareness. You want the ample wall space to fully appreciate your beautiful wall clock as a decorative piece as well as a practical object. Then again, maybe you wouldn’t want your clock to grab your attention immediately so that keeping track of time could remain a choice rather than a certainty. As with any modern concept, the basis of your choice should be simplicity and functionality, and that most definitely varies from person to person, so take your time to appreciate your home, your lifestyle and your needs.

A little inspiration for the bedroom

Arne Jacobsen Table Clock
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