6 tips for a modern bedroom

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No room arouses the desire for rest and relaxation as much as the bedroom. It has been shown that frequently refreshing the interior of your bedroom has impeccable effects on your mental health and improves well being. In our busy lives, there needs to be a pleasant space for relaxation where one can take rest and have space for privacy. We reveal how to make this wish come true with a few useful tips on how you could refresh your interior to help you achieve that inner sanctuary.

1. Side Table Upgrade

VASAGLE Side Table

One of the most useful and important things in the bedroom, with the exception of the bed, of course, is the bed-side table. It holds the most essential things to you, items you see both as the last and the first in your day. This trendy side-table has a nice vintage look and adjustable shelves that can be used to declutter your nightstand. The pleasant wooden finish at the top gives it a warm touch and allows it to blend into the interior of your bedroom.

2. Organization Is Key

OK DESIGN Tableau – Magnetic Board

There is no better way to introduce order into your life than having one of these essential pieces in your room. Whether it is to hang your keys, to make a to-do list or to leave a note to a loved one, this magnetic board is extremely useful.

3. Versatile Furniture – 2 in 1

WOUD Töjbox Wardrobe

It is often a struggle to choose the correct furniture for your room that gives you ample storage for your things but doesn’t take away too much space. This is where the modern designs from Woud come into play with their combination of coat rack and shelf in one, they provide you with a smart storage solution.

4. Desk on Demand

WE DO WOOD Loop Desk

While it is ill-advised to work in your bedroom, there is often a need to sit and gather your thoughts and attend to some important matters in the bounds of your four walls. When there is a lack of space for a personal study, this elegant hanging oak desk is perfectly suited for this sort of thing and can be folded up and down on demand. The attention to detail that has been given to this piece will make the Loop Desk a beautiful addition to any room.

5. Homeliness through Accessories

Art by Artig Magnolia Print

Surround yourself with beautiful things – even in the bedroom. Personal objects, vases or pictures make a room comfortable and give it individual charm. Our tip: Form groups with at least three accessories and determine a commonality – such as color, pattern or material.

6. Variation in Lighting Sources

Dyberg Larsen Moon Table Lamp

Finally, a modern bedroom has a variation of different light sources. While the general lighting is very important, alternative light sources are often underestimated in their capacity of setting a relaxing ambience in the darker times of the day. Tip: Decorate your room with table or floor lamps that will help you relax and lift your spirits!

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