5 Tips to Create a Sacred Space at Home

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In our overly accelerated way of life we constantly seek for that special moments of relaxation, when you can contemplate alone in the pleasant company of only your thoughts and feelings. Many Eastern religions and teachings also preach that quite moment in the right surrounding can replenish the spirit, centre the mind and renew the connection with your inner self. This is why, it is vital to create our own little sanctuary at home, a sacred corner where we can sit and listen to our soul and dive deep into our own nature. These sacred spaces also encourage quietness, a precious scarcity in our busy, everyday life. So roll your sleeves and lets explore 5 easy to execute tips for the perfect sacred space at home.


Choose a corner or a nook in your home

To create an inspiring for your soul sacred space you don’t need an entire room. The cosy, snug feel of that nook in the bedroom, the corner in the attic or the window seat are the perfect location to set the base for your sacred spot. Remember that this is your self-nourishment space, so don’t hesitate to claim a favourite spot of the house, anywhere that will set the tone for going inward. A beautiful view or simply a relaxed corner of the house will help you switch off from the daily routine and problems and transfer you on an individual journey with your deepest intentions and thoughts.




Create comfort with beanbags or soft cushions

Now that you have chosen a spot, the furnishing needs to provide comfort and relaxation. The most suitable type of seating is either cushions, or beanbags in cream colours to relax the vision. Try the ROOMOX Premium Lounge Beanbag in white or light brown, which will not only add elegance to your space, but will ease your meditation state as well as support your back. You can cover the floor with the ROOMOX Seat Cushion Slim to provide all-round coziness and comfort.




Create an alter with spiritual cluster of accessories

The decoration and accessorizing of your sacred space comes next. It is important that this spot gives away a spiritual vibe and feel, instantly welcoming serenity and peace within yourself. On a small table place a cluster of items such as scented candles, incense burners, essential oils, objects like crystals and semi-precious stones, which are known for their great energy conducting qualities. Place some tea light candles on the ODENSE lanterns or the VEJVE Tealight Holders to illuminate the space with soft light patterns, creating a zen atmosphere.




Infuse energy with plants and flowers

Plants and home flowers make every space alive and peaceful, also increasing the oxygen levels of the room. Purple is the colour symbolizing spirituality, so place small sprays of lavender that will not only adorn your sacred spot with their beautiful, subtle purple colour, but will also aromatize the surrounding with its calming, pleasant scent. Now you can truly relax within you.




Seed your love with memorabilia

Your sacred space needs to reflect and host the thought for the most special people in your life. Place a small shelf dedicated to memorabilia with pictures of your loves ones and objects that have a special sentiment in your life. Everything that surrounds you needs to have a deep meaning in your life in order to impact your state of harmony and nurture your being. With clean, geometric lines, the Beaver Shelf will beautifully display your special objects and memorabilia.




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