5 Best Valentine’s Day Alternatives to Roses

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People have been giving flowers to that special somebody on Valentine’s Day for centuries, and along with chocolates, they’re always a solid choice! The huge demand for the classic rose – usually red and usually in a dozen – often pushes rose prices sky high, and when the object of your affection is one-of-a-kind, why shouldn’t your choice of Valentine’s flowers be a little different, too?

The Victorians wrote whole dictionaries on the language of flowers – giving someone certain flowers had hidden meanings such as adoration, loyalty and love, so there are plenty of romantic alternatives to choose from! We’ve put together 5 of our favourites to give you inspiration for a thoughtful and personal Valentine’s bouquet:


Tulips: Perfect Love, Fresh Beginnings

In the language of flowers, the Victorians considered scarlet red tulips to be a declaration of love or even a symbol of ‘perfect love’, making them an ideal romantic alternative to red roses. Pink tulips also represent fresh beginnings, so they can be a simple and sweet choice in a new relationship.

Pink tulips

Red Tulips

These understated and elegant favourites are an affordable flower for all budgets, and because they last a long time in the vase, they’re also excellent value for money!


Sunflowers: Adoration, Longevity, Loyalty

Perhaps not surprisingly for a flower that symbolises the sun itself, the big bright sunflower suggests warmth and happiness. Presenting your Valentine with a bouquet of these big-faced yellow beauties is also said to be a statement of adoration, loyalty and longevity.

Sunflowers mixed bouquet


Worshipped by the Aztecs and a famous source of inspiration for European poets and painters, the stunning sunflower is sure to brighten up anybody’s Valentine’s Day. It’s perfect either on its own or mixed with an arrangement of other wild flowers.


Orchids: Beauty, Love, Refinement

Bring a touch of exotic beauty and refinement to Valentine’s Day with orchids. These delicate tropical flowers represent love, strength and luxury. Because it can be given as a potted plant, an orchid will act as a symbol of your love much longer than other Valentine’s flowers.

Pink orchid

Purple orchid

With over 25,000 species growing in the tropics, orchids are the largest family of plants on the planet – which means an almost endless mix of colours to choose from! The green Cymbidium variety makes a cool and refreshing alternative to the classic shades of pink and lavender.


Gerbera Daisy: Innocence, Purity, Loyal Love

As a red or pink gerbera, the traditionally innocent daisy can take on a surprisingly romantic twist for Valentine’s Day! With a large face similar to a sunflower, gerberas are also a cheerful choice.

Pink gerberas

Gerberas at home

Coral gerberas

Symbolising purity and loyalty as well as innocence, daisies are a fun flower to give to new or long-term lovers and family and friends. Available as cut flowers and potted plants in a gorgeous range of solid and variegated colours, there’s definitely a gerbera for everyone!


Succulents: Endurance

A funky choice for any partner who swears they don’t like flowers (or Valentine’s Day!) could be succulents such as aloe vera, flower-shaped sempervivum or cacti. Terrariums, or bottle gardens, are also making a cool comeback and are a great way of keeping lush green mosses and ferns at home.

Romantic succulents


Potted succulents

Delicate-looking yet hardy, succulents are generally very easy to look after, and as cacti are also said to represent endurance, they could make a fun alternative Valentine’s gift for a long-time love.

Whichever flowers you choose to give your Valentine, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Think about your partner’s favourite colours and style, and they’re sure to appreciate the thought you’ve put into choosing your Valentine’s Day flowers. And as with any flowers and plants at home, please remember to keep your arrangements on display away from children and four-legged members of the family!

All of us at DYH wish you a very happy and creative Valentine’s Day!


Picture source: Pinterest.com

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