10 Creative Kids’ Room Ideas

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The design of your kid’s room is of vital importance for the way our little ones grow, thrive and play.   Awakening their curiosity and imagination is one of the main focuses for every interior designer, appointed with the important task to transform a kid’s room into a magical world of colours, motifs and favourite fairy tale characters. A child’s play embraces an imaginary world of flying spaceships, magic carpets, sky-high tree houses, games and heroes making their room the main playground for this pure and colourful world to flourish. This is why the kid’s room can be one of the most creative features of the house, stimulating the children’s talents and imagination. Here are our top 10 tips for easy and playful solutions to make an inspiring room for the children.

Creative and playful storage


Give your children a creative storage solution to naturally inspire their urge to tidy their room. These tailor-made solutions make the kid’s room unique and offer a playful aspect to the daunting process for every child to clean away the toys.


Draw a favourite game



Our kids might be bond to the games on your iPad or iPhone, but let’s remind them how we used to play on the street. You can draw their favourite street game on the floor to stimulate their physical activity and remind them of the fun of playing outdoors with your friends.


Use an imaginative theme


Get inspired by some of the favourite books of your child and take aspects and details form their favourite imaginary world into reality. An exploratory ships or a princess castles will make your little girl or boy love their bedroom and further provoke their curiosity into the beautiful world of fairy tales.


Create a snug, cozy bed


We know how little ones always designate a spot in the house for hiding. Kids like the cosy feel of their self-created caves for hiding, which make them feel protected and snug.   Transform your child’s bed into a cosy shelter, which will instantly make bedtime more appealing.


Creative wallpapers


One of the easiest ways to infuse colour and fun into the kid’s room is by applying playful wallpapers that match the furniture and the décor of the room. You can use favourite fairy tale characters, animal prints or simply colourful patterns to create a spirited and lively room ambiance.


Recycle unused items


Infuse life and purpose into the old wooden crates instead of throwing them away. You can simply pain them in bright, fun colours and re-use them as shelving for your kid’s room or storage for all the toys – easy and cost effective way to create a vibrant and unique detail in the children’s quarters.


DIY wardrobe solutions


You can get creative with the wardrobe solutions of your little ones and create one from scratch just by hanging a string in one of the room corners. Make it pretty by threading colorful paper balls, that will also help organize the hanged items.


Build an in-house tree house


The dream of every kid – their own tree house – the most desired playground for games when having friend over. If you don’t have the necessary outdoor space for that, simply dedicate a corner in the kid’s room for an in-house tree house, which will also create more space for storage and playing.


Create a play spot


Creating a special play corner or a spot is important in order to make the kids engaged as well as structured with their playing. There are many ways to create that designated area and you can simply make creative physical contours to outline a safe a comfortable spot for playing.


Make a tipi


Children love to hide under the bed, in wardrobes and all kinds of hidden spots around the house that you didn’t even know existed. Creating a tipi in the kids room is an easy and very effective way in giving your children that safe place for hiding that they always search for. A tipi is one of the most loved spots for play amongst children and creating one will make you very popular. Enjoy!

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  1. Harriet J. W. says:

    So colourful and pretty! Thank you Design Your Home for sharing so many great ideas for the kids room!

  2. DYH says:

    Thank you Harriet! Glad we can inspire you with a few colourful ideas 🙂

  3. warren says:

    great content thanks for writing this!